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Оценка прочности адгезионной связи волокно — термопластичная матрица…


Evaluating fiber-thermoplastic matrix adhesive bond

strength using “loop” method

© S.V. Kotomin



Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005, Russia


FSFS Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Moscow, 119049, Russia

The fiber-matrix adhesion bond strength is an important feature in the development of

high-strength reinforced plastics. Evaluation of the adhesion of the reinforcing fibers,

such as aramid ones, to thermoplastic matrix using existing techniques involve high com-

plexity sample preparation, and in addition, require additional tools for testing. The arti-

cle discusses the method of determining the fiber-matrix adhesive bond strength based on

using an adhesion cell in the form of a node of the loop on microplastic obtained by im-

pregnating multifilament thread or bungle of threads with thermoplastic melt. In the pro-

cess of preparing samples the possibility of pressure adjustment in the area of adhesive

contact between fiber surface and matrix melt is realized.

Tests are carried out on a

standard tensile testing machine without additional equipment, which is important for

use in laboratories and educational institutions. The extreme dependence of fiber-

thermoplastic matrix adhesive bond strength on the contact time and the temperature of

the melt are shown by the example of Kevlar aramid thread and polysulfone.


thermoplastics, reinforced plastics, adhesion, aramid fibers.



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