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# 1·2017 13

System for multicriteria design of strain gauge load cells

having axis symmetrical elastic elements

© S.I. Gavrilenkov


, S.S. Gavryushin


, V.A. Godzikovskiy


¹Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005, Russia


JSC Weight Measuring Company Tenso-M, Moscow Region,

Kraskovo, 140050, Russia

This paper briefly touches upon the mechanics of strain gauge load cells and states the

problem of strain gauge load cell design. The mentioned problem is subdivided into two

tasks: picking and choosing the shape and the dimensions of the elastic element, and

finding the right spots for mounting strain gauges on the elastic element. We created

a system for designing strain gauged load cells having axis symmetrical elastic elements.

The system implements the method of parameter space investigation and utilizes capabili-

ties of the CAE system ANSYS. The system’s capabilities are demonstrated by designing

a load cell for Weigh-In-Motion scales. Solution of this design problem comprises defin-

ing the parameter space and setting the values of the criteria constraints. We investigated

the parameter space using the system mentioned above. Finally, we developed a finite-

element model of the load cell being designed. The numerical experiments resulted in

a Pareto-feasible set, which is given to the Decision Maker, so that he could choose the

best option.


: multicriteria design, finite-element method, elastic element, the parameter

space investigation method, strain gauge



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