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А.Ю. Бушуев


Инженерный журнал: наука и инновации

# 1·2017

Rope system designing for multi-link solar batteries

disclosure under uncertainty



. Bushuev

Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005, Russia

Currently, not enough attention is paid to the flexible solar batteries disclosure systems.

This paper deals with mathematical methods for designing a rope disclosure system. Un-

der flexible system for disclosing the multi-link solar battery structure we mean such a

construction that adopts all the restrictions at the performance stage, provided that the

uncertain parameters may take any value from the uncertainty region. Uncertainty is the

moment of resistance between the multi-link design links defined by friction in the joints

and the harness resistance. The purpose of the system construction is to provide a con-

sistent units fixation from the last link to the first. Basing on

the proposed mathematical

model we calculated additional angles rotation of the units, caused by the elastic ropes

synchronization system

. Due to impossibility of controlling the resistance moments the

operating forces in the cables can be varied within certain limits. The research task is to

determine the pretension cables synchronization system for ensuring the disclosure sys-

tem performance conservation. To solve the problem, we use a method of approximating

the outside.


mathematical model, rope disclosure system, multi-link design, solar battery,

uncertainty, strain, optimization



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