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Improved estimation of aerodynamic characteristics of a complex geometry nanosatellite

Published: 14.10.2021

Authors: Barinova E.V., Boltov E.A., Elisov N.A., Lomaka I.A.

Published in issue: #10(118)/2021

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2021-10-2116

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Processes in Aircrafts

The paper presents an approach to refine the aerodynamic characteristics (drag coefficient, aerodynamic torque) of a complex-geometry nanosatellite. The approach is based on the direct simulation Monte-Carlo method. The calculations took into account gas−surface interaction according to Cercignani—Lampis—Lord model, chemical composition of atmosphere on the orbit altitude and particle thermal velocity. The nanosatellite complex geometry was described as a finite-element grid with the cell size of 5 mm. The results of the engineering and numerical methods were compared. The differences in drag coefficient and aerodynamic torque between the two methods reached 20%.

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