Certificate of Registration Media number Эл #ФС77-53688 of 17 April 2013. ISSN 2308-6033. DOI 10.18698/2308-6033
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Optimal time control in orientation of a two-link body in the supportless phase of motion

Published: 05.03.2014

Authors: Lapshin V.V., Borovin G.K.

Published in issue: #1(25)/2014

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2014-1-1194

Category: Engineering Sciences | Chapter: Theoretical Mechanics. Design of mechanisms and machines

The paper investigates the motion of two joint bodies during the flight phase. The problem of minimization and maximization of the time necessary for their rotation from initial to final position has been solved. Non-zero angular momentum of the system concerning the center of mass is assumed. The problem under consideration is the simplest model of а hopping vehicle motion control in the supportless phase of hopping.

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