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Construction of an interactive teaching model of the method for solving the normal homogeneous system of differential equations of n-th order

Published: 17.11.2014

Authors: Titov K.V., Budilovich M.V., Dubogray I.V.

Published in issue: #11(35)/2014

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2014-11-1306

Category: Engineering education

The article is devoted to development of computer technologies in education. It is important to transfer the known methods of tasks decisions into the form which is convenient for educational programs writing in one of the computer mathematic system, for example, MathCAD or Maple. In this case, such formulation of the learning process can be considered as one submitted to the ultimate goal which is getting the entire spectrum of knowledge from theory to practical result. The available electronic resource on this subject and the reference on it allow to get multivariable solutions in the interactive computing and, in this sense, it makes the article mobile and original in the part of information and telecommunication technologies using in the internet-space. The task solution is accompanied by a graphic illustration, a possibility to animate is available. It is possible to modify the input data in the interactive mode and thus to get solutions again what allows to develop an experimental research.

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