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Linguistic modeling analysis of an emergency risk on board

a manned spacecraft on the example of the system

of ensuring the temperature regime in the Russian segment

of the International Space Station

© A.V. Donskov

S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia, Korolev town,

Moscow region, 141070, Russia

When controlling a manned spacecraft flight the risks of emergency situations must be

constantly analyzed, taking into account the current state of the spacecraft as a whole, as

well as the individual system maturity.

As specialists often operate with the terms and

describe the state of the manned spacecraft systems with linguistic variables, the article

considers the possibility of an emergency on the example of the system of ensuring the

temperature regime in the Russian segment of the International Space Station by linguis-

tic modeling. This method allows for a detailed evaluation of the current situation and

assessment the possible risks.

It simplifies the process of making decisions on the choice

of optimal emergency parry strategy.


flight control, manned spacecraft, emergency, risk assessment, linguistic




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Donskov A.V.

Inzhenernyy vestnik – Engineering Bulletin,

2015, no. 6.

Available at:


v A.V. (b. 1986) graduated from Bauman State Technical University in 2009. Engi-

neer, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Public Corporation Energia. e-mail: