Certificate of Registration Media number Эл #ФС77-53688 of 17 April 2013. ISSN 2308-6033. DOI 10.18698/2308-6033
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Increasing the effectiveness of the non-destructive testing system for ground-based space infrastructure using ranked network models and destructive testing methods

Published: 18.07.2016

Authors: Erofeev M.Yu., Popov L.I.

Published in issue: #8(56)/2016

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2016-8-1519

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Ground Complexes, Launch Equipment, Aircraft Exploitation

The article discusses possible ways of improving the efficiency of non-destructive testing systems based on optimization of the structure of tested elements. The shortcomings of modern methods of collecting, storing, managing and analyzing information about the ground-based space infrastructure elements are analyzed. The possibilities of using network models ranked by criticality and the probability of failure for selecting optimal variants of repair strategies, applying electronic databases with scaling feature, and using destructive testing to obtain and accumulate information about the life dispersion and identification the reasons for the loss of working capacity by elements of space infrastructure are shown.

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