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Моделирование баллистической стойкости двойной стенки космических аппаратов …

Инженерный журнал: наука и инновации

# 11·2016 11

Ballistic spacecraft double wall simulation

at high speed collision


B.T. Dobritsa


, D.B. Dobritsa



Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, 105005, Russia


Federal State Unitary Enterprise NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin,

Moscow, Region,

Khimki town, 141400, Russia

The article considers an engineering simulation method to calculate the ballistic limit

depending on the double wall at the high-speed collision, which can be used in assessing

space vehicles structural elements stability under the man-made meteor particles influ-

ence, looks at the method calculations results for two model variants equivalent to space-

craft design standard elements. We selected as models the fuel tank fragments with pro-

tection and a radiator cross-section with the built-in thermal tube, analyzed the proposed

method application at increasing the bumper wall thickness for the fuel tank design that

gave a positive result. The article shows various approaches validity while assessing

spacecraft risks from the space debris or meteoroid impact damage - impact testing ex-

perimental results, numerical and engineering techniques.


ballistic equation, high-speed collision, spacecraft, screen protection, experi-

mental studies, numerical modeling.



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